Problem Regarding Adding Metadata Element

Hello there I’m trying to add metadata for my extension. So I used this code but It is not making any changes in my AndroidManifest.xml file. Am I doing doing wrong ?"hello",value="world")

It’s not possible yet as extension

Oh ok thanks.
But then can you please tell why is this annotation is there, I mean what is this annotation used for.


As per my knowledge that’s not complete

Oh ok. Thanks for the info.

Im not sure Metadata element will work on extension :thinking:

Maybe code to add metadata element like this:

@UsesActivities(activities = {
@ActivityElement(name = ".MyActivity",
                 metaDataElements = {
                     @MetaDataElement(name = "Hello",
                                     value = "world")

Hello @kangris

Yes I tried this method and its working. But the issue is that its creating the metadata inside activity element. What if we want to add the metadata inside application element.

I don’t believe that the buildserver supports adding application-level metadata at this time. If anyone wants to submit a patch to the open source repo, please let me know.

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Ok sir I will try to do something that may help to solve the issue

Please check this

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It may be necessary but not sufficient. There are a number of other files that need to be changed to accommodate application-level metadata,

@ewpatton hello sir can you please tell us where do we have to make chages. It will be easier for us to contribute.

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