Problem passing start value on screen from colin list view

it passes the value but of the item in the row below of the one that i click! :frowning:

if i tap on that row in new screen appear values of the row above
and this happens for each row!

and this is the source
passvalue.aia (96.4 KB)

Change it like this

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Yes I thought to something like that. But is it normal?

It is because in global response first item in list are columns names and you create listview using for each number from 2 to lenght of list. Otherwise when got response remove item at index 1, create listview using for each number from 1 to ... and then use get element index

thank you now it's clear!

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I can see values on the screen2
but i want that if i click on button1 data are stored in tinydb and go in screen3 where the items "choiced" and stored in tinydb appears in another colin listview!

colintest_2 (3).aia (100.3 KB)

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