Problem in the Dynamic Components extension, created sprites do not move

Hi, I am creating sprites using the component "Dynamic Components-AI2 Extension"
My problem is that the created sprites don't move within the canvas.

Here I leave some screenshots and the code where the application I want to make can be seen.
I would like the ants created by the code to move the same as the one created as a normal object.

Could someone help me solve this problem?

Thank you very much in advance.

prueba_duplicar_sprites.aia (46.6 KB)

Link to description of use of the extension:

Hello @Isaac_Perez,
Which version of the extension you are using? This bug was in earlier versions of the dynamic components extension, but it was fixed in V2.1.0

Versión 2.2.2

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still not fixed to this day

Problems related to extensions are reported to the developers of the extensions.