Problem in setting canvas width

I'm trying to set canvas width 1.5 times the screen width
but it throws error Width cannot be negative

Please show your blocks.

If the screen's width is 300 pixels, why are you setting the width of the canvas to 450 pixels?

If you wish canvas to be larger than screen

Canvas larger than screen - Scott Ferguson

Also check in FAQ Section: Canvas, Sprites, Balls, Animation

I put Canvas in a HorizontalScrollArrangement:

i wanted that arrangement should be fixed , i have tried using HorizontalScrollArrngment but it didn't worked what i wanted.
I have found a different issue that sometimes the same block of code works and the other time it won't.
@Anke Can i send you my aia, If you can help me out.

i'm trying to scroll the ground for which i have tried using 6 image sprites in which 4 of them will appear on the screen and one in the start canvas and the other in the last of canvas. to create a smooth and continous animation.