Problem in search


this application user with spinner select air line and destination . and to next screen , application download air line rate sheet (csv file) from server.then find destination row in the csv file . in the level user input cargo weight and application should compare user weight with rate sheet weight until find price them.
i don't know access to specific column and row with compare that.
for example : user input 100 kg weight and destination is PVG(in Rate Sheet Code Column) . now , how i select to SVG Row And 100 Column?

You should be able to query the data directly on the google sheet (assuming you are using google sheets). You would need to ensure your range for querying is just the yellow cells.

Query Any Google Sheet with a Web App

Can the user enter 101 or 150?
Or is it enough to just offer him the headings (45, 100, 250, 500, 1000) in a List Picker and add 4 to the resulting .SelectionIndex?