Problem in reading value from Thingspeak on MIT app

I want to read value from Thinkspeak server on the app using MIT app inventor. But I am unable to receive those values of sensors from Thinkspeak. I want to read 4 values. I have attached the pics of code and output.

Please help

Hello ARA

Difficult to follow your Blocks! Tip - right-mouse click in the Blocks work area and select "Download Blocks as Image".

From your Screenshot, you have received a Json String from ThingSpeak.

  1. Are you using an Extension?
  2. Looking at the Json data, the field names are each included twice, so it would seem your current code would pick-up the first set of fields but it is the second set that contains the data required. Ideally, change the output from ThingSpeak to only the data of interest. Otherwise you may need to split the text into a List and then determine which items in the List are the values required.

I have made changes according to your suggestions. I am now taking only one data entry. But still it is not showing values in the app.
I have attached the image of updated code and the resulted output. Please help.

... I don't see any changes? Nor have you answered my questions! :thinking:

Of all the data being received, only the last tiny portion is required:

What is the Clock Timer Interval?

So, you can extract the values "manually" with the text functions.
FromThingSpeak.aia (3.6 KB)

Thank you so much for your help and suggestions. It worked for us. Thank you once again