Problem in permission

Hello, how are you? Greetings. I have a problem with the old Android phones. The project file is there. Is it possible to apply the authority to the project? Thank you very much.
Sasa.aia (62.6 KB)

Show (also) your blocks.

Is worked get price on file txt
I want to delete the file, this message appears

There is no longer a problem reading it, there is a problem modifying the file

Why don't you read my posts / answers?

I read it and didn't find the solution my problem is that I just can't write inside the file

Post the aia.

Rtxt.aia (62.6 KB)
Thank you anyway.

:question: :question:


I tried this option, so I gave up and did not find a solution.

Are there any errors?


No, not in you aia: