Problem in dark mode

Hello everyone
I'm really happy to see that the iOS emulator supports dark mode, but there are some issues with it:

1: Add option to disable or enable the
Automatically change colors:
Since dark mode changes the colors of the components automatically, we may not want this to happen, as it changes the design and sometimes it can ruin (I initially did not understand why the screen background is black until I realized that dark mode did it)
I would be happy if you could add in the screen settings an option to turn it on or off automatically.

  1. It is not possible to know if a dark mode on the device is working:
    Would be nice if there was a block that could return a boolean value to that if dark mode is on or off.
    In addition, it will also be useful to add a block that will be activated as soon as dark mode is turned on or off - so we can adjust the colors of the components in a more customized way.
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What happens if you set the background color to default rather than white? Default has special semantics compared to if you assert a specific color.

Longer term, we may want to have color palettes for light/dark that can be used to customize many components at once.


When you set the color to white, it sets the background color to the default (so dark mode can affect whether it is on or off)

  • Note that in the demo the background color is not white, but very light blue

However I think there is still a need to add an option to turn off the automatic change of dark mode, that sounds like a great idea, so it could be faster and more efficient than changing the color of each component from the block editor
Can you apply it to Android as well?

Right. The challenge is that we don't know whether the developer's intention is that it must be light blue regardless of dark mode or not. For Default, we assert that it can behave a certain way. I know there are some algorithmic ways of adjusting colors to handle light/dark modes so we'd have to do some investigation as to what might work best for App Inventor.

Yes, it would be available for both platforms when implemented.

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Therefore I think there is a need to add an option to turn off automatic color matching.:wink:

I think at the moment there are many more important bugs to fix in the ios version than playing with colors. First they have to make the ios version fully usable to be officially released, some things will be improved in the future. I think that if the ios version will be official, only then users will find a lot of different bugs :grin:

I totally agree with you, I reported a lot of bugs in the form, now I found this problem so I thought it was worth noting it (I reported it in the community as it is now possible to report bugs in the ios version in the community)