Problem in apk download ( Virus Indicate )

Hi I am Mohit
With regard to this post :-

I had done all necessary changes in my apk's manifest using apk editor studio , but same problem facing .

Whenever I had direct download from Google drive then it shows this error !

just click download anyway simple

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But Sir
If I send someone a direct download link , then he/she might be think that it's risky for their device .

And the main problem is that at last month when I did same then no other message appears in it .

Google Drive does a virus scan before downloading files. If they think the file is too big, they will show the message. Just tell them to Download anyway.

APKs, unlike text documents or music files, can be malicious - a hacker can inject a virus inside an APK file. You have to guarantee to

that the APK is harmless. If you still think this is an issue, switch to other platforms that doesn't show this message.

Ok I agree with you that Google drive shows that error with large files or an apk .

But this message is also shown on mit , when I download my own apk yesterday !

And the funny thing is that I had already download this apk many time earlier without any disturbance.

Just click on "Download anyway" to continue.

Do you trust yourself? If you did not add any malicious code into your file, then ignore all of the "error messages" and continue.

Ok thanks
And one thing I need to ask if I post this app on Google Play Store then is there any problem in it ?

Nope. You can upload it to Google Play and tell the users to download the app in Google Play, and the messages will no longer show up.

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So is this a wrong way what I do ?

Some manufacturers think that the access WiFi state permission is malicious. It is now removed from the Manifest and the problem is solved. Just do what I told you and everything should be fine.

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You can test it on Virus Total:

If a number of anti-virus programs site a virus, it could still be a false positive. You can send your APK to the Anti-virus company's Lab and they will test it thoroughly - if a false positive, they will update their program.
See my website:
ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks Links to Anti-Virus Report Forms

Ya I done it in virus total , no virus found !

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But the stranger thing is that when I recently 2 months ago download this app from MIT then no error found .

And when today I download it shows this error !
Is there any build server updated in MIT ?


The AV on your device will be the culprit in this case. All AV, especially on Android, is pretty rubbish really!


You have shown two images of messages. Neither message tells you your app has a virus Mohit.

In your original post the image indicates Google Drive can't scan this file for viruses. The pop up does not say your app has a virus. In post #3 Gordon explains why your large app probably cannot be scanned by Google for viruses when someone attempts to download it using Google Drive.

In post #5 you showed an image indicating "File might be harmful". This is a typical message Android users see when they do not download an app from Google Play. Depending on the device operating system, there are variations in the wording. The advice is merely a caution to users who side load apps or obtain the app from sources other than Google Play; and appears especially if their device has Play Protect enabled.

You probably see the message now and not before because Google recently released a bug fix about a week ago so that now you see the message that asks the user to decide whether to allow downloading. Select Download anyway as recommended by Gordon. This process is how Google hopes to protect it's users and to encourage developers to distribute apps using Google Play (for which Google does do a certain amount of screening for malicious apps). The message does not appear when users download from Google Play. Google allows side loading, however they provide a CAUTION message. :slight_smile:


Yes now I understand it
Thank you to all :grinning::grinning:


Your welcome @Mohit_Arora_12th_A

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