Problem clearing textbox

Hello , I just start with AI and basically it works.

However, I stuck at a simple problem. I can not clear a certain textbox.
After the textbox shows the right string, I would like to clear the textbox
during disconnect the IP connection. I do:


Could it be that
does not clear the hole variable?

Can anybody help please?

Thanks a lot

Are all the other textboxes being set correctly in your procedure?
Have you tried just using an empty text block instead of a variable ?

Do you have an event block somewhere where new data could sneak in before the disconnect is complete?

Thank you all for tyring to help.

I think you got it! Only for a test I implemented a button which just clears the box. And it seems
to works. There must be a buffer which delivers data to the box after disconnect.
How can I flush this buffer or how can I use at least a time delay before clearing the data box?

Thank you.

a single shot Clock Timer?

Can you please give me a hint how I can implement such a timer ?

Pull in another Clock component from the Sensors Drawer.
Call the new one clkDisconnected, with enabled=false.
In the Blocks Editor, pull in a Timer event for the new Clock.
In that Timer event, call your Show_Disconnect procedure and set clkDisconnected.enabled=false.
In the place where you previously called that procedure, set clkDisconnected.enabled=true.

Great, thank you, it works.

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