Problem building App inventor in Mac OS Ventura

Hey guys, I was trying to build App Inventor on Mac M1, it seems to be crashing.

Im running Java 8,

It would be really great, if anyone could help me with this problem,

How did you obtain ant? I think the version from brew default to a newer version of Java. Check the output of ant -diagnostics, particularly the value of java.version and java.home. If these don't look like a Java 8 installation, run echo $JAVA_HOME and if that is blank or points to another Java version, run export JAVA_HOME=... where ... is the path to your Java 8 installation.

Thanks for the reply,
Yes, I removed the ant installed from brew and installed again with macports.
changed JAVA_HOME to /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-1.8.jdk/Contents/Home
And now its working fine :grin:.

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