Problem about the Appathon 2022

Hello Ewpatton,
Would like to ask if using extensions are allowed in the Mit Appathon 2022.
Many Thanks!
Joshua Ng

This question is already answered in the FAQ:

Can I use extensions in my app?
You may use any extensions from MIT, or any free extension so long as you include a note from the extension author that it can be redistributed by MIT as part of the competition

You can use:

  • extensions that are publicly available and the extension developer has given you permission to use them.

You cannot use:

  • extensions that are paid.

  • extensions that are for private use.

  • extensions that are free, but without the developer's permission to use them.

So far that I know, you can use any free extensions from @Taifun or @TIMAI2, and any extensions from the MIT.