Private Policy what type of data from users gets a simple App inventor app

Hi everyone, I am making my privacy policy for Google´s playstore.
One of the questions of privacy policy is what type of info do we collect?. My app has been programmed to collect user´s clock time and date and runs audio and shows images according to this, that is all it does it is simple.
But I understand that internally when somebody downloads an app from Playstore, Google gets information from User by default . Users Ip address and some other important information for this process.
I will really appreciate if somebody could tell me, what type information Google gets from user by default.
Thank you very much indeed

Preface: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

We don't know what information Google collects about your users, but given that Google is the one collecting it you likely don't need to be including it in your privacy policy (the user already is using Android and therefore subject to Google's Terms and Conditions).

As far as the App Inventor framework, we don't collect any data about your users, with the potential exception of IP addresses in log files if your app uses the default MIT CloudDB server (but you should really run your own for your own app).

You may want to consult with a legal expert in your jurisdiction to help you craft a privacy policy.

Thank you very much in deed for your time, your comment makes a lot of sense.
I will consult to a legal expert to solve this matter.