Private or personal chat

Hello, I need help. I'm creating a social media app where I want to implement a personal messaging feature. When someone clicks on a username in the feed, they should be able to start a private chat with that user and the conversation should appear in the user's chat list. I've looked for information on this, but I've only found chat or messaging features for chat rooms or public chats that involve all users.

Welcome Evalina.

What have you tried? Will you use a CloudDB or FirebaseDB to host the chat? Or will you use a server based chat room?

Use one of the examples you found or review the discussions in the community about personal chat rooms. Adapt it to your purposes might be the easiest way using techniques described in the advice in Programming Your App to Make Decisions.

What you want is possible. How to get there depends on how you code you basic chat room. Specific advice depends on how you coded. It should be possible to modify CloudDB Chat App to your purposes.

So, you need to construct code to find a chat partner from among those individuals currently active using your app if you use a CloudDB or FirebaseDB.or link to a hosted on line chat room (possibly using its api by linking with a Web component.

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