Printing Comments when using "Download Blocks as Image"

My students are trying to use the otherwise excellent "Download Blocks as Image" feature of MIT App Inventor, and would like their comments (?) to show up in the image. Perhaps there is no way to "fix" this, or perhaps the current behavior is the desired behavior, but it'd be nice to have the comments show up when using this feature.

Here's an example image of what I'm getting at:

Any suggestions would be welcome,


If a PC user, the Snip & Sketch tool,can copy the Comments

snipandsketch from a visible part of your Designer screen. As you and your student's discovered, the Download Blocks as Image does not capture the Comments.

Can something be done @ewpatton to add this capability?

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Thanks for the reply @SteveJG, I appreciate it, but that's not what I'm after.

My interest lies in the "Download Blocks as Image" having that capability. As a teacher, there is something powerful about having all of the students' code in one image that can be scrolled through and read/checked/graded/viewed. Often, these images can be a number of screens long, making screenshots and clipping solutions less than ideal.

I do agree that it's a workaround, but a messy workaround :slight_smile:

Others use text blocks for short comments



There's already an issue tracking this on GitHub. I'll see what we can do about it.


Others use text blocks for short comments

THAT is a very interesting workaround, thanks! I had not considered that.