Print pdf with webview

Hai !
I want to print PDF with webview. I have a php with a table view that can be filtered according to date, month and year and connected to the database. can someone help me show me how to convert php to pdf using webview?

Hello Abdul

Do you want to print on paper or create a digital document?

What does your “php” do exactly - create a web page with dynamic update, right? PDF files cannot be dynamically updated but you can capture the table and convert it to an image in a PDF file.

This sort of requirement is more common on the desktop (PC) but you may find an App Inventor Extension that can help you:

I want to print in a digital file, sir.

Study the avaiable extensions Abdul - I think there are very many PDF extensions (all in the puravidapps list should be compatible with App Inventor). Narrow-down to the ones you think sound right for your task, and test them.

Yes sir. I will try first to follow the tutorial. if I’m having trouble ask for your guidance sir🙏

There isn’t a Tutorial that I know of (that does not mean there isn’t one, just that I have not seen one). However, there are some Apps in the Gallery that use PDF - no doubt some of them will make use of a pdf extension.

You can see the Project File of any App in the Gallery to learn from it.

Get to the Gallery via the App Inventor IDE


Once the Gallery is on your screen, type-in a search for PDF. I just tried it here, 79 results. I doubt that they all use PDF in-app but it’s clear some do.