Print out all the code from all screens easily? [create task requirement]

I searched and just found a similar question from 2015 with the answer just being take screenshots. Has there been any updated solution??

Is there an easy way to print out all the code for an app? I have three screens and a bunch of code and taking a bun h of screenshots seems silly. The create task requirement is to not submit the code itself but rather a pdf of the code. Does anyone have a trick for doing that which doesn't require 10-20 screenshots? Thanks!

I think unchive can do the trick for you. You can look at your project by uploading the aia-file.

You can also export a summary

right click on blocks editor and download all blocks as image

If you cared enough about the code to code it, do you care enough about your code reader to explain it, procedure by procedure, event by event?