Print barcode on label printer

i want connect with a portable printer and than print a barcode?
i use the this : call bluetoothclient1 sentbytes :

but i cand sent a barcode.
just can sent text to printer.
can u hlep me for this proble?

The technical manual of your printer would describe the data stream for bar codes.

Show us.

Hello seyed.

there is a lot to it - your Bluetooth code alone requires more robustness and attention to detail. As pointed out by ABG, the technical manual for your printer is essential.

You might however consider an extension that does the complex work for you:

thanks for attention

In general, drawing a bar code on your screen and asking a printer to generate and print a bar code are two different things. The printers have their own coding schemes for different types of bar codes.

P.S. I suggest searching this board for 'ESC/POS', a common print stream encoding standard. My FAQ needs dead branch pruning.