Preview: Map Features on Coronavirus COVID-19 App

video made using Super Screen Recorder

mockup design made using Google Sheets


The first version of this app is now available in the public gallery :smile: :tada:

Full App Demo:

Screenshot images:


this is nice! do you aia for this?

Wow Cool App, :star_struck: :+1:

There is a link to the app in the Gallery in the OP's post

Thank you. What is aia?

p.s. Sorry for the late response, haven't used app inventor for a while since COVID evacuations.

Yes, he must have made it using AI2 Application itself because we can use AI2 Companion only with App Inventor. BTW great app @codo!

hmm, have you tested your application using a cellphone?
because I get errors constantly, when pressing a country

Nice app cool one

Oh, yes, the companion app was used. Thanks!

The errors are due mostly to the fact that this app is no longer updated and the google sheets data-source is no longer updated. Also, there was an old issue with map polygons stretching across the world - no idea if that's been updated. Also, a bit of a newb & just a hobbyist, not a professional - sorry!

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can u pls give link where aia file is

Might be this?

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ok leme try