Prevent Screenshots and screen recording

Hello, I am working on exam app for school and don't want students taking screenshots or recording it and sending it to other students is that possible in App inventor? I have googled and found archive link by mr @taifun but the problem is the extension file is not archived only the thread
Thank you very much

This topic

This link


I can't find the BlockScreenCapture.aix which also appears to handle screen recording, has anyone got it ?

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I just found it when I Googled the extension name.

You mean this one?

Need a working link or file...

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Yes, I got the same error...


However, this is achievable with Kodular with the Screenshot component.

This is not Kodular :wink:


The nearest solution I find is not working, because AppyBuilder is closed (with extension).

Gordon, I hopefully did all the searching already, we am looking for someone who actually has the aix, in order to add it to the lost extensions list on the community.


Thank you @TIMAI2 and @Gordon_Lu for your help I will try to find it and check here later if someone finds it thank you

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This extension is helpful to you @Gandalf :

you can enable or disable capture every time you want.
thanks @Aquib_Khan ! :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks @qwe_rfv!

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your welcome!:wink:
and thanks again to @Aquib_Khan for creating such a nice extension :heart_eyes: