Prevent Piracy of Extensions

Now days paid extensions are being sold and distributed illegally in many Whatsapp and Telegram groups. This has to be stopped. So finally I just developed a library that will help @ExtensionDevelopers to prevent the piracy :slightly_smiling_face:

How To Use ?

Step 1 :

Download the jar file.


Step 2 :

import the library in your project.

import in.techybro.antipiracy.AntiPiracy;

Step 3 :

Create a object of Antipiracy class and pass the application context in it.

AntiPiracy antipiracy = new AntiPiracy(context);

Step 4 :

Call .validate() method to start authentication. It takes a url String as arguement. See this example url


Step 5 :

Implement listeners to it. String s you can find what went Wrong

antipiracy.setOnResultListener(new AntiPiracy.OnResultListener() {
            public void OnAuthFailed(String s) {


            public void OnAuthSuccessFul() {


Bug Found ?

Please let me now know if you find any bug in it.

I know its not fully secure. But I think its the most secured as of now.


Wow, :grinning:
this Great and Wonderfull :grinning:

Thanks :pray:

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Thanks for this awesome library, Used it in my extensions and it works like a charm !


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But still someone will come, get the code by decompiling extension and compile it again by removing that piece of code.
You/We can't do anything.:relieved:

And some brave boys will even upload its video on YouTube and give you credit of it. :relaxed:


Actually, users Its far better than just facing resellers

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Yeah that's partially secure now.


Is it working now Prevent piracy of extension?

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Hey @OXOFLIX. I don't think it's working for the newer android versions. I will try to update the library ASAP

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