Presentation PDF Bookshelf / Library


I use my phone to hold presentations a lot.
And I wanted to create an app that stores my presentations in an easy viewable way pref in PDF form.
My idea:
basic screen with a list or several buttons where I can click the button/list item and then get to view the corresponding PDF (scroll able) with a back button.
Most PDFs are between 10-60 pages and I don't want a "next page" button

I have tried to get it to work by storing the pdfs in the media tab and then just having a simple (when list picker 1 = presentation 1 do: set image to presentation1.pdf but that didn't work so wanted to see if I could find anyone who knows what they are doing to help me :slight_smile:

You do not say how you are displaying the PDF files ?

Try what you have suggested using the ViewPdf extension