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Greetings forum members, I ask the following question.
Is it possible to create a predictive Textbox with words that I am saving in my TinyDB?

That is to say that as I write, it shows me words that I have saved in my TinyDB ....?
Thank you in advance for the answer

it can be done , but you have to save many words and letters and you have check if the typed is in the predictive words lists. Its little difficult.

Do you have any small guide that can guide me to do it?
Thank you

You can use this extension

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I did a sample based on a fixed source vocabulary a while ago, before the new dictionary data type became available, at

To rework it to a dynamic word base in TinyDB, I would instead of my dictionary global variable, use TinyDB, with lower case tags of minimum length 3, and for each tag have a list of all words containing that tag.

As the user changes the textbox.Text contents, refresh the ListView.Elements from the value in TinyDB from tag = downcase of Textbox.Text, default = empty list.

If TinyDB returned an empty list, add textbox.Text as an item to the previous tag's value list, as the user types ever longer words into textbox.text.


Thanks for your support, with this I have more ideas to solve my app

Just to inform, the predictive textbox you are specifying is quite a lot similar to a search box actually.

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