Preciso usar o calculo aleatório mas o resultado tem que ser positivo

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I need to use random calculation but the result has to be positive

ALguém pode me ajudar?
(Can someone help me?)

Yandex did not translate your question into English, so I am working only with my eyes and your fuzzy images.


It looks like this math test is asking to add two numbers but checking the result against the subtraction of those two numbers.

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...
(sample video)

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The abs or absolute maths blocks will convert any negative number to a positive number.

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Okay, now I see the problem better.

To force random number1 > random number2,

set number3 to random(1 to 100)
set number4 to random(1 to 100)
set number1 to max(number3, number4)
set number2 to min(number3, number4)

P.S. This can be done without extra variables, if you apply a test to see if number1 < number2, then apply this trick:

P.P.S. An even easier way to force Number1 > Number2:
(editted for strict > )
set number2 to random number between 1 and 99
set number1 to random number between number2 + 1 and 100

That will force number1 > number 2.

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pessoal veja as fotos certa agora

It would be helpful if you could temporarily change your blocks language to English, so we can take a look into your code.

vou fazer em inglês agora

Thank you. I've modified your code as per your needs, and cleaned it up a little. You can drag the images (individually) into the Blocks section, so you don't have to do everything by hand:





Screen .Initialize Method

you can't. You can only do this with individual block images (in this case there should be 7)

Valeu muito obrigado

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