Pre-Launch Report - Crashes and ANRs -

I get this stacktrace from the Google Pre-Launch report:

ANR in;PID: 6530;Broadcast of Intent { act=android.intent.action.LOCALE_CHANGED flg=0x1200810 };

Does anyone have any idea what this ( is all about and why is it causing an ANR? My app has nothing to do with it. :upside_down_face: :woman_shrugging:


Do Google themselves know? A lot of what they are doing now seems overly complex.

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Yes, but what does my app have to do with it? I don't know this app, never installed and / or used it.

It looks like a new way Google will use to rate the security/safety of Apps and show potential App Users?

May be, but why would that cause the app to crash?

It does? Shouldn't it be online information (only) on Google Play?

It is not a crash but an ANR (a persistent state of unresponsiveness).

This issue seems to occur on a Pixel 2 with Android 13

but not on my test devices (as far as tested).

SDK33 is the clue, given that App Inventor supports 31.

AI2 targets SDK 31 (targetSdkVersion=31), but that doesn't mean apps built with AI2 won't work on Android 13 (API 33) as well. (At least it should actually work.)

I agree, except that 31 isn't supporting the Digital Well being stuff that Google seems to require regardless.

I think MIT need to question this with Google, given that new Apps do not need to target 33 until August 1, 2023 and existing Apps not until November 1, 2024.

See the answer to something similar here

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