Prayer timetable app , my 1st app

Hi guys

Here's my first app

This is a simple app to display prayer timetable , highlights today's Azaan time and Iqamah time , will read from csv file

  • It displays current date, It displays current time
  • It highlights the prayer that's approaching (next prayer) , calculating the time remaining for the next prayer
  • it has alarm now to play sound when the azaan is due

Thanks to :
@Kevinkun .....................for the fantastic tableviewer extension .......for the hijri extension

Here's the aia (without the graphics)
prayer_publish_NoGraphic.aia (18.3 KB)

I hope you will like it
Your feedback is greatly appreciated

4 days ago you posted the same in the Kodular community. Is it made with Kodular or App Inventor? In the Kodular community you say you will share the aia. Why not here?



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Unlisted meanwhile

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Very true
I am working on the compatibility issue with Kodular, seems like I have to re create it from scratch on Kodular to make it work

I have made a lot of efforts to design the graphics , posting the aia will be unfair on me
I won't share the aia for now until I remove the graphics from the app

I am really sorry for the inconvenience I also feel sorry that the topic has become unlisted

It's MIT app Inventor and I got it working on Niotron as well
I wanted it to become popular so many developers especially can benefit from it

I posted it in the 3 platforms (MIT, Niotron and Kodular)
The app is mainly created on MIT

In the end, you built it on one platform... this is the community to show your app... in the other communities it should be unlisted...

PS: now listed again in MIT App Inventor communuty and unlisted in Kodular

Perfect Thank you so much

Here's the aia file
prayer_publish_NoGraphic.aia (18.3 KB)
(without the graphics)

where to get this file??

check the media section of the project

ok thanks, also I want to know that where we can get it for our region.

it is a great idea ! amazing!

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I would recommend to contact your local mosque they should have it in excel format

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It's now live on google play :slight_smile:

how to use the aia file

Really beautiful I liked it
Kepp going