Pour une application de sauvegarde automatique (on a Windows PC)

est ce qu'on peut utiliser app inventor pour une application de sauvegarde automatique des fichiers word excel et pdf sur un ordinateur sous windows XP 7 10

Your question "can you use app inventor for an automatic backup application of word excel and pdf files on a computer running windows XP 7 10" has a complex answer. Here are some ways to do the PC to Android back up and a short discussion of the problems you would need to solve. Backing up in the other direction is equally complex.

The simple answer if the backup must be "automatique" from the PC to the Android or from the Android to the PC is sorry, you really cannot do this automatically. Transferring the data manually is very involved. You can use the device's File app to transfer the file between the device sdCard and the computer. You could do the same thing copying the computer files to a USB data stick. None of this is automatic.

My understanding is that

computer >>>> android

Your Android cannot read your Excel file. The Excel file must either converted to a csv file and then the data transferred to a database (TinyDB, CloudDB, Firebase) that App Inventor can access or imported to Google Drive or something like GoogleDrive.

Store the pdf on Google Drive using your computer.
Use this advice to read and view the pdf using your WebViewer

Word document

Your Android cannot convert a Word file to plain text automatically. To read a text file on your Android, it needs to be plain text. Some conversions are required.
Convert Word to a plain text file on your PC then transfer the plain text 'word' file to your Android. Send the plain text to your device as an eMail or store the on Google Drive and use the File / Web component to import the file to your Device. Use the File control to post the document text to a Label.

A 'simple' manual way to back up involves using your USB cable to transfer a file from the PC to device or the reverse using your device's File application to transfer the file to your sdCard or computer.

There may be simple ways to do the backup data transfer using perhaps extensions. Perhaps someone in the community will comment?

Mr steve

Faire une application de sauvegarde automatique de transférer tout les fichiers Excel Word pdf ou une base de données qui sont dans la partition c ou dans documents ou sur le bureau d'un ordinateur et les sauvegarder dans une autre partion D ou E par exemple
De même ordinateur
L'application est pour ordinateur pas Android

This forum is for App Inventor questions only Samira. Here is an answer anyway How to Backup files on a Windows PC.

I use dropbox.com for this.
I stay under 2GB, so it is free.

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