Potential Bug with Backpack

Hey all,

I keep having this happen every time I open the backpack and it is a little bit annoying. Sometimes it fixes itself for no reason; I've tried to figure out why, but no such luck. What happens is that the backpack is too big for the screen. Part of the blocks stick out, so you can only see half of the block. It is really annoying since I am transferring blocks from one program to another.
And after this happens the only way to get out of the backpack is to click on a block so it pastes into the program.
Here's a screenshot for you to see what happens:

I use an Acer Chromebook (School owned). I don't know the specs, it's only a year or two old.


I wonder if you can collapse blocks before storing them in the BackPack, and if they will stay collapsed in the Backpack?

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I'll see. I have to go to lunch. Brb in a half hour.

What I do in such a situation is to use zoom out button before pressing the backpack


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As far as I know, the MIT developers are working on horizontal scrolling in the backpack.

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Thanks @Patryk_F, @dora_paz, and @ABG for your replies. @ABG, it makes no difference if they are collapsed or not, they just appear not collapsed in the backpack. @dora_paz Thanks. That seems to be the best solution so far.

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