PostTextWithEncoding module

What types of encoding can be used in the component “PostTextWithEncoding”?
I tried “sha512”. The program says that it is not supported.

Please show an example of your relevant blocks for what you are trying to achieve

Hello 11157 - that's not about security encoding, it's about character encoding for the web. The encoding is very dependent on the web page being called. We should list what is supported but unfortunately we don't. However, should be at least UTF8, UTF16. and probably ISO-8859-1, US-ASCII, UTF-16BE, UTF16LE.


This looks like the Web component block:

PostTextWithEncoding( text , encoding )

Performs an HTTP POST request using the Url property and the specified text.

The characters of the text are encoded using the given encoding.

If the SaveResponse property is true, the response will be saved in a file and the GotFile event will be triggered. The ResponseFileName property can be used to specify the name of the file.

If the SaveResponse property is false, the GotText event will be triggered.

Unfortunately, it does not say what encodings are available.

sha512 sounds like encryption. Check out the extension FAQ for those.

You need to send an HTTP header with POST parameters signed using HMAC-SHA512

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How to do that? Any extension?
To encrypt using HMAC-SHA512 I mean.

You should find an encoding block for HMACSHA1 in Taifun's Tools Extension

There's a HMAC-SHA1 and HMAC-SHA256 block. But, how can I get a HMAC-SHA512 encryption by these?

you might find this in another extension, see the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps
if you want me to add it into the tools extension then please contact my by email
Contact | Pura Vida Apps


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I searched all possible sites and forums and didn't find it. I also searched the Kodular and Thunkable community and didn't find it. All the tools I find provide only HMAC-SHA1 or HMAC-SHA256 encryption. I really need this and I can't find it anywhere.

Would it be possible to follow the HMAC-SHA512 method with this tool? And additional steps, of course.


Sorry for my lack of knowledge.

this is a component from Kodular
if you want to use that method, you will have to develop your app in Kodular then...
please ask that question in the Kodular community