Post doesn't work all the time at web object

I have tried to send a POST variable to a php website and noticed that the post value will not everytime sent.
Therefore I have tried the GET variable. This will works fine.

Here my code.

I will send the id_gruppe. When I do this over web1.url I have no problem.
When I do this in web1.posttext I will not get always the id_gruppe.

I have cheked this in the php file with:

echo "post: ".$_POST[‘id_gruppe’];
echo "
get: ".$_GET[‘id_gruppe’];

Hope somebdoy can help me how I can do this also with POST without any problem.
kindl regards

Thanks for the answer.
As I understand the POST doesn’t work I should use the GET or do anybody have a solution also with POST?
kindly regards again

Try with www

Hi @Juan_Antonio
Thanks for the idea but also with www I have the same problem with POSt.
It seems that I can use only GET.
kindly regards

For POST use just these blocks:


Thanks for your answer.
I notice that the problem is to delete the cal web1.get then it works also with POST.
kindl regards

Thanks for the answer.
But I don’t know what you mean?
Which emulator do you mean.
kindly regards

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