Post appear twice

Hello, i was posting an answer to a post in a topic, but it appeared on the wrong place. I was replying to @ChrisWard, but the post appeared twice, on a different place, where @ChrisWard has not replied. Please help me.

In which topic is the post, and where should it have been posted. We can move it.

maybe u prepared a reply to @ChrisWard in other topic (where you wanted to reply) but clicked on reply when viewing another topic

Sorry, i understand it has appeared twice on the same topic, one time on the right place, other after some posts

Well that doesn't help, if you do not say which topics...

Appeared on This topic twice.

I can only see it once in that topic, and I can't find it anywhere else....

It is because one post is replying to @ChrisWard , it is right, but appeared another time as a normal post.

If you want to investigate more @TIMAI2 please answer, otherwise I will draft the post that should not stay.

Well, given I can't find the second appearance of this post, suggest you delete it yourself.

ok @TIMAI2 I'll do it.

Oh, ok, now i understand all... I was on mobile, and on bobile it appeared on the button "see 1 reply" and on his place. Now i understand...

I think you can close this topic...

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