Possible to scrape this data using gviz?

hey guys is it possible to scrape this data using gviz

i am really confused @TIMAI2

You have three options:

  1. Set the permissions of your google sheet to Anyone with the link can view, then use this:

The next two options will require you create a google apps script web app, in order to be able to access your private google sheet from your google account

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its my schools link , i cant change the perms

why are you using your school's sheet?

to make a time table scraper app kinda

its public though

then i guess

not working

@timai2 pls help him



see , this dosent work :cry:

nah , not working

then please make your question more clear

my question is that i followed this guide

but the url dosent work

then follow this ^

not working either

then wait for someone else to reply i cant help you

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If the google sheet is private, and is not owned by your own google account, then you will not be able to access the data therein.

I see you are trying to use a published url with gviz. Try this instead:


What makes you think that ?

How will that help to run a SELECT query? The base query to run is SELECT * which will return all data.

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