Possible to automatically upload data from excel to mit app inventor?

Hi everybody, I am facing issues with my app. I need help to automatically upload data to mit app inventor when new data is inserted in the spreadsheet!! Please help me, it’s urgent

What have you tried so far?

Show your relevant blocks.

Hi, I have tried using a third party software to upload to google sheets first but unable to do so with multiple third party software so im not sure what went wrong either

Welcome Zatthias Try this GoogleSpreadsheet example by Tim

Hi Steve, there is some clarification i might have forgotten to add in. I apologise for that.
The app is suppose to be a receiver of the google sheets and the data has to be extracted from offline.
The issue i am currently facing is to bridge a stipulated interval refresh schedule for the excel to upload to google sheets. Is there any other way i can go about this? Because I need the app to read the data in my excel file