Possible bug importing an Extension

I wanted to add the Chartmaker extension but every time I try to load it my Firefox crashes when I click the "Import" button, I never even get a file picker. System is Win7 Pro X64, FF is whatever's most current, I literally JUST updated 12 minutes before this. Repeatable crash afaik, I've done this several times in a row now. Chrome (whatevers most current) worked fine to import the extension, and I left the project open in the failed to import Firefox window and just reloaded it after using Chrome and everything seems to be fine, I could add the components and everything looks alright (using the new blocks is another thing but beyond the scope here.)

I have a copypasta of the FF bug report if that'll help out, not allowed to include the text here, new user link limit.

Try importing a different extension using Firefox. Do you get the same problem?

I just tried this on macOS 13.2.1 with Firefox 111.0 and did not encounter any issues. Do you have any browser extensions that could be interfering? The last update to App Inventor was Feb 17, so if this was working 12 days ago before you updated Firefox and now it doesn't, I think that points to a change in Firefox possibly interacting with an extension as the source of the issue.

@TIMAI2 yes always occurs. any time I try to click ANY of the "import" boxes FF crashes, I tried to import an image today and it did it again.
@ewpatton No extensions active I killed uBlock and onetab, all I use.

Tested on Xubuntu 22.04 LTS with Firefox 111.0. Also no issues loading extensions to a project here.

Maybe your project is corrupted? Try in another new project.

Still crashes, all I can do is use Chrome as a middleman when I gotta. VERY less than ideal for me, whole point of using FF for me is to avoid spyware.

Dear @John_Smith,
it seems like that the security settings of the updated FF are so high to block or interfere with the download of aix files. Could you try to relax these settings (i.e. pop-ups, cookies, cross-links, others) ?
For example, I use Brave bowser, which is highly configurable in terms of security settngs, and it works fine on both Win7 and Win 10 since a couple of years.