Possibility coding on a С\С++

Hello developers, it would be nice if it were possible to create code as it is now, using blocks of installed components, and the ability to write code in C / C ++, of your choice, with connected classes of selected components.

The issue with C++ and App Inventor is that they use different operating systems. App Inventor uses Android Java, and C++ uses desktop operating systems, such as Windows or Linux.

Also, is this efficient? I don't think so, because it would be tedious switching from code to blocks, and blocks to code. App Inventor is used for users who have no coding language to write programs. Doing so would cause some issues, such as misleading the user, or something similar.

You can write in Java for importing extensions into App Inventor. By now, using C++ is not possible.


But there is a small possibility, the usage of native libraries (.so files), which can be written from C languages, extensions dont support them, however if you run appinventor directly on your pc, you can add them directly.


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It is very inconvenient to write on these blocks, you constantly waste a lot of time on it, and Java is not popular at all (if you take an android studio). It's a pity. The Arduino project somehow combined its framework and c / c ++, I think it could also be done here.

App Inventor is open source. You're welcome to try and make it so that you can write in C/C++ instead.