Popup menúes don't appear, in block's (when using a 7-inch Tablet to create apps using the Blocks screen)

Popup menúes don't appear, when I m in the block's viewer ( this thing where you can select "dublicate" ,"clean block's" ,and other functions...

Please provide a screenshot of your problem/bug first

Those are right click options.

Describe your pointing device.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work, this must be changed to a button possibility, and the positioning of this right click menue it's an other problem: it must appear in my screen, but, it appears outside, and I must make difficult scrolling maneuver s, to come to see the options, and sometimes the in menue scrolling is a problem to...

What browser are you using? I didn't notice that the menu wasn't displayed...


I once had something like this.

Turns out the corner of my keyboard was resting on the right button of my trackball.

Are you still using a tablet to develop with AI2 ?

Yes, tablet

We probably advised you about the issues you might face here, and offered some suggestions/workarounds:

It is important if you are having interface issues, that you tell us about the hardware / device you are using to develop on with AI2.


It's a Tablet from keen, and I will send you the information... No problem...

It's the model A88... I was unable to find any other information unfortunately :frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:

But the problems are In the design of the AI2 homepage.... There are the issues

As previously suggested, get yourself a bluetooth keyboard, your issues will go away, and you will find it easier to develop and navigate. I have a cheap £15 one, does everything as required, including the touchpad.

Ok, thanks I will see this in the next time anyway.... But it must be workable on tablet too, because in lands Like Paraguay or Africa 15 € or 15 Dollar can be a month for live for a person that lives there.... Because this I ask for this things, to make it workable in Tablet, and with that possibilitys that I mentioned some time before.... For example to make the grafical design viewer, deaktivable, to have more visibility to work on the objects tree, and before I forget: the possibility to change the order of the components, direktly in the tree of the designer.... Excuse please my lak of words, or inappropriate use of words, but sometimes my concentration is so bad.... Thanks anyway for read my messages, and for taking the time to solve my problems or issues....