Popup menu with images

is there are any method to create popup menu like this:

or like this :

what about doing a search for popup in the extensions directory?


I have already searched before creating this topic and I didnt find any thing to do like what I need

For your first example:


I have only seen text for your second example:

thanks @TIMAI2 I will try it .

Or you could make one with a listview (for the first example)

I want it to be shown on a component like a textbox that when the user type mention "@name" for example it shows a dropdown menu with names and images inside a popup view to chose from it

like this :
Screenshot 2023-09-13 012541

@TIMAI2 there is no option to add images here

It is not a menu component. Instead, it shows popup windows. You can use small list views, bind them to a window, and show it.

could you show me the blocks to do this

There is probably a way, using Ulli's popup extension and a filter like this: Revival

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thanks @TIMAI2 but I already know how to filter data but What I want is to show list as popup floating view not in another layout
like this :
Screenshot 2023-09-13 012541