Pong game with bluetooth

so basically I wanted to make something like pretty much what is showed in the picture, the question is: Am I able to do that or it's basically impossible here in App Inventor?

This should be doable.

When the Ball is about to disappear off the edge of one phone, send its coordinates, speed, and direction to the opposing device so it can start its Ball .

Using a separate Canvas just for the paddle and its track allows you to fake bounce off the front of the paddle (if it's there) or disappear the ball at the unprotected edge of the Ball's Canvas.

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I thought more about this overnight, and came up with more ideas ...

  • A BlueTooth chat starter kit you can use for message exchange: https://puravidaapps.com/btchat.php

  • Your user interface, landscape versus portrait:

    • The landscape version has the player sending his ball into a wall of fog, with no information about when or where or how the ball will return because he can't see the opponent's side of the court. That has advantages and disadvantages:
    • Advantages
      • Easier to program
      • Surprise ball returns are possible:
        • monkey poop comes back, makes everything it touches brown and sticky
        • water balloon comes back, explodes onto paddle and makes it slippery for a while
        • Great Wall of China return - a bunch of fake knockoffs come back in addition to the original. The knockoffs shatter when you hit them.
        • Hawking radiation return - ball does not return, but a blast of radiation emerges later
        • Bouncy Castle wall return - you hit a bouncy castle wall, and there was a kid behind it. Evade the angry parents.
        • border wall return - hit the return ball soon, before it reproduces
        • angry wife return - evade the cutlery and crockery before it degrades your paddle
    • Disadvantages
      • You can't see what happened to your opponent

There is room in this app for lots of fun.

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can you show me what it looks like?