Poker application

How difficult would it be to create a poker application? I am new to application development. But your platform was recommended to me as simple and understandable. But I understand that the mechanics of such an application are complex, so I need to make it as realistic as possible for a beginner.

You need to be able to sort each hand in order and then evaluate it to see what it is. This is the chief difficulty.

Figure out an algorithm that does it then create it using blocks.

The trouble is I don’t know how fast AI2 runs. If you play poker games in apps created with Java each hand is evaluated almost instantly. But could AI2 run a complex algorithm as fast?

Look here for some ideas:!searchin/mitappinventortest/poker|sort:date

If you want to go multiplayer, it gets more complex.
You would need to coordinate the deck and players' hands and bets through a central data base, and probably designate a dealer.