Pokemon Type Calculator

this app is based on the pokemon type matchup matrix from pokemondb.

it's supposed to show the effectiveness of one pokemon type against all the other types, depending on the perspective : as attacker (see rows) or defender (see columns). For example a pokemon type of Fighting in the ATTACK mode can deal twice (2x) the normal damage to another pokemon of type Normal, half (1/2x) damage to type Poison but has no effect (0x) on type Ghost (see row marked Fighiting).. On the other hand, the same type of Fighting as DEFENDER can take or receive as much as 2x damage from types Flying and Psychic but 1/2x damage from bug, etc. (See column marked Fighting). Note - all blank cells in the matrix represent "normal" damage in either case but internally they have a factor of 1x.

this app will do this summarization for you from the selection you pick in the drop down list. Here's a screenshot of the sequence - after selecting Fighting.

there's a swttch to condense the display such that normal damage matchup's don't show (ie. the blank cells in the matrix are hidden),.

here's the aia:
pokemon_type_calc.aia (17.4 KB)

and here are the blocks:

note: i'm also using sort extension by @kevinjun discussed in this forum article:

Very useful extension and so easy to use! thank you!

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