Points System For App

I am building an exercise app, and I would like to give my user 'points' whenever they complete one rep of an exercise, with a progress bar always at the bottom of the screen. Then, there are levels of different points, which is what the progress bar is for. The points should be saved locally, and when a user bypasses a level, the app should send a push notification. Points should be given per exercise, so a half workout only gives out half points. How do I do this?

I have attached the code I have so far:

Thank you.

  • saved locally? perhaps a TinyDB
  • bypasses? How does it know if this happens? Perhaps If..then..else stattements.
  • push notification? You need an extension for a push notification. A Notifier component could/would work just on the user's device perhaps just as well.
  • half workout? If..then else perhaps.

Ok, let me restate. TinyDB is great, and I can just store a new value every time an exercise is completed to update this TinyDB. What I am most concerned about is how to do this with a progress bar. As for the push notification, I'll just use the basic notifier.

Progress Bar discussions; take your pick and learn to use Programming Your App to Make Decisions .

I see. Thanks for the information.

However, I was wondering how I could possibly round the corners for the [F/OS] Linear Progress bar? Is it better if I ask there?