Plotting ELISA data

I am trying to plot previously collected ELISA data on a line graph and cannot seem to figure out how to plot multiple y values per single x value. For example, for each x value, there would be 12 y curves. I tried a cart extension and using the canvas block. Can anyone help?

To get help:

1.) You might explain what ELISA is. Here, done it for you

2.) Show us what you tried. Provide a data sample.

3.) An obvious method is to plot multiple y values is to plot the y value points that share a common x value in a different color. What you do depends on what your data set shows.

4.) This could be done using a Canvas or using an extension. What you do depends on what you will do with the data. If you use a Canvas, your curve drawing is limited to connect the dots. Some javascript techniques might allow curve fits. See Juan-Antonio’s javascript tricks Proposals of math codes. Area polygon. Vertices rectangle. Linear regression. Decimal IP


Here an example of Cubic Regression with JavaScript.

You put values ​​and get the parameters of the expression.

Another possibility is to use Google chart:

Elisa online: