Plot GPS history (Map Tracks)


I recording Lat & Lon along with other data as I walk around the streets. I am then using a map to display that data. All this is working well, however..

I Would like to also show where I have walked when I load the map. Im already recording all the GPS points so is there a way of displaying my GPS trail to show where I have walked?

My data is not stored chronological by gps points so I can just draw a line from on point to the next.

I did think that I might be able to create a custom bread crumb marker at each point which will give me an Idea of where ive been, but is there an easier way?


Use a LineString to display a track or you can elicit run time Markers with some additional effort (see the link). Exactly what you need to do depends on how you save the GPS points.

See App Inventor GPS Trak Basics . What you are attempting to do is to create a 'trak' or sometimes called 'trac' of geocoordinates. GPS Traks using Static Maps or Map Component shows how to do it using the Map component LineString, Markers and also shows how to use a Static Map.

Does this work for you Ric?

Thanks @SteveJG Ill have to sit down and go through it all. From initially looking at it, I would be better off creating the trac at the time of the scan and not after in post processing. Not sure how this will go as im using an online database and the data is avaiable on multiple devices. But its a place to start.

I do also recode date and time on data, so the option would be to create a list of lat / lon / timestamps and sort by time then plot the lineString.. maybe...