( Please wait...) message parallel with Screen initializing

When the screen initializes, there are calculations that are done by going through 40 timers with about 25,000 blocks. The time interval for each timer is 1 millisecond. Then after that, tools for displaying and analyzing the results appear to the user. Acually, the phone takes more seconds to execute the command. I want an animated message to appear to the user ( Please wait...) in parallel with the start of the screen until the application finishes its task, so that the user does not think that there is a problem

You have several components to do something like that: CircularProgress, LinearProgress or with the ProgressDialog (notifier)....and for sure several extensions.

I want it to run parallel to the initializing of the screen (same time ) until the initializing commands finish

Probably the best you can hope for is @ 50ms

It would be easier to put up a label on the screen with the first timer, and remove it with the last.