Please submit GSOC draft proposals early!

Hello everyone,

Due to the ongoing development w.r.t. coronavirus, GSOC has advised us to encourage people to submit drafts to the system early so that we can give feedback earlier rather than later. I’ll be reviewing draft proposals tomorrow between 3-5 pm EDT and encouraging the other mentors to do the same.



I’ve shared my draft 2 days ago. Didn’t get any feedback yet. Looking forward for it.

Do we have to submit a form when we share a draft or with the final proposal?

Hello, i don’t know how to submit a draft, i’m developing a tracking system but since i’m new to this i have some issue with the database use.

@Bhoomika_Thakor Hmm. I’ll see what we can get you for feedback. We did see and read your proposal draft. Don’t take the lack of feedback as a negative sign in itself. I think we just missed sending it.

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Okay thank you.

I’ll include all of the questions from the form in the proposal. so is it okay if we don’t fill up the form ?

We mainly reviewed proposals that were marked as drafts. Proposals marked as Final in the GSOC portal can’t be changed, so it was less of a priority to give feedback at this point. I see that you have two proposals marked Final, which may explain the lack of feedback.

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Oh, interesting. I read one proposal on Friday, which was marked draft at the time.

Now that they are marked final, they can’t be changed.

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