##PLEASE READ FIRST## Posting a new tutorial or guide to the community

Submission of new tutorials or guides

The community has adopted an approach to the posting of tutorials and guides on the community, and all new submissions are now put through an evaluation process.

We want you to be able to present your tutorial/guide in the best condition possible, as bug free as possible, with the best documentation, and the Power Users may provide you with several recommendations of how to improve your tutorial/guide and documentation prior to submission to the community.

You should handle or resolve all the issues raised, then provide new documentation and other relevant files in your topic for final evaluation. Once this is complete, create a new topic for your tutorial/guide, and this will be published to the community.

Some suggestions:

  • Is it novel? Has your tutorial/guide been done before by other community users. Do we really need it again ? What is different/unique about it, when compared with the other similar tutorials/guides?
  • Provide a description of what your tutorial/guide is about
  • Provide images of all the blocks needed and explain what they do
  • Provide images or text of any code used
  • Provide images of your tutorial/guide being used in an App Inventor project
  • Provide screenshots of the outputs
  • Provide an example aia project for users to test the tutorial/guide
  • Advise users about what android versions the tutorial/guide will work with, and on which android version devices you have tested the tutorial/guide
  • Provide a changelog, so that users can see if you have updated the tutorial/guide at any time
  • If you have used part or all of someone else's work or code, including any extensions, the you should give credit, including links to their work
  • It is OK to provide a link to your own website/online resource for a tutorial/guide

Note: if the majority of the conditions are met, and the tutorial/guide can be seen as working with App Inventor, then the topic may be submitted directly by a moderator, without an evaluation phase.