Please I would like your support🙏

Hello dears**

my name is Jasmin! I would like to warmly welcome all incredible talents & hard-working programmers here :pray::upside_down_face:!!

I was able to create my first app two years ago thanks to App Inventor!
Unfortunately I can't get any further with some things and I keep getting error messages from the testers at PlayStore that I can't fix I would love to have support !!

I myself am actually very ill and bedridden, so four years ago I founded my web radio to have a job

I support many artists and try to entertain people with music, that's actually my big intention

To make it perfect I created my app for our listeners

In the meantime I've reached my limits for some time and I can't get any further !! I am writing my first post to ask you for your help :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: :face_with_head_bandage:

Maybe a few people here could help me, I would show my appreciation with a donation

I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help a young woman to make her little dream come true I don't earn anything from the whole thing myself I only support people with music and I support artists in their work
This is my App
I still don't know how this all works, I hope you get it
Many greetings Jazz

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Export your .aia file and upload it here.


That's really incredibly nice that you're helping me, I hope I've understood that correctly, if not then I'll try again, a thousand thanks, I'm infinitely grateful to you

Star_Radio_FM_Kopie.aia (5.6 MB)

So, what help would you want from us?

Are you getting any issues while uploading your app to Google Play Store?

if the testers of your app are getting issues then, google play store may also have gave some issues while uploading it I guess, though I don't know much about these things as I currently don't have Google Play Store app publisher account

I will check the app and let you know if I face any issues with it...

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dear SRIKAR_B.S.S :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you very much for taking the time, sorry, it always takes a little longer before I can reply back, I'll show you what Play Store testers keep telling me

10 individual problems (10 warnings)
1 single problem (1 warning)
14 individual issues (8 warnings, 6 minor issues)
security and trust
1 single problem (1 warning)

I would also like to learn some things like e.g. can I integrate a chat with me ... How can I design the structure of the individual pages differently...
I really am eternally grateful for your support.

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No problem...

To be frank, I am not aware of this error...

I checked your app on Android 7.0
it works awesome, no issues are there for me.

just the app could be better with an option to play wide variety of songs
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I am posting your blocks for more informed opinions:


I see very little to criticize here.
However, I personally have never submitted anything to the Play Store.


Post screenshots of these warnings.

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Something like this from the Pre-Launch Report?


If so (like I showed in my last post), ignore it.

See also here:

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My general recommendation (for apps published on the Play Store):

Upload the AAB first as an → internal test track. This way you can check the Pre-Launch Report later (maybe after an hour) and see which errors / issues were found by Google’s test devices.

Also check out the screenshots in the Pre-Launch Report to make sure everything appears as intended on different devices and Android versions.

I’ve never published an app on the Play Store without at least one Pre-Launch Report.