Please help urgently! (changing TTS voices and characteristics or providing sound files)

How do I make a voice copying application inıt app inventor? First, the user will upload the voice they want to copy from the device and then upload their own voice and when they say create, they will replace the voice of the person they uploaded first with the voice of the person they uploaded second.

These links might get you started. Can you what you want with App Inventor using these tools? I don't know..


Let me explain it to you like this, the user will upload their own voice to the app, for example a voice recording where they say "hello", then they will upload the voice of any celebrity as an example and when they press the button, the celebrity they uploaded to the app will say hello, you know what I mean?

Maybe. You either want to 'replace' Text to Speech with different voices or perhaps you want to add a set of sound of files you record saying different things and add a companion set of files where a 'celebrity' says the same thing.

What you hope to do using TTS is complex and might not be possible with App Inventor.

Sets of sound files and the Player component will allow you to press the button, the celebrity voice uploaded to the app will say hello

I posted what might be available for you to develop your Project using TTS technology. Using sound files is relatively straight forward. :wink:

What have YOU tried?

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