Please help to finish my app

This is the aia :point_up: :point_up:
I am going to do a app like all in one :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

first mit app inventer website
second mit companion
third mit community
fourth uplad apk to gdrive


but when screen initialize...
please help!!!

what happens ?

Do you get this:


You might want to try the code server instead ?



Please explain what I want to do

Read the last sentence carefully.
He meant, try setting the link to the code server at

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There are multiple servers used for MIT App Inventor, listed in the following:

  1., used regularly,

  2., allowing users to sign in with either a Google account or a code,

  3., the server used to test App Inventor

  4., which has more components and functions,

  5., which has the component AbsoluteArrangement.

  6., which has Augmented Reality components but outdated and usually not working,

  7., which allows you to convert your App Inventor projects into Java code, but components there are old versions of components and also outdated.

@TIMAI2 want you to use number 2. If that did not work, you can try to use other servers listed above.


how can i find revisite code?

and also and i think not same so in projects cannot see in
am i correct?

Sign-in first, and you'll get a prompt with the revisit code.

Yes, they are two seperate platforms. You can still export your projects to there, however.

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Until the code server is brought up to date with the ai2 server, there is a danger of lost blocks when you try to import an ai2 server export onto the code server.


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