Please, help! The project does not open :(

Please tell me what to do. My project simply stopped opening. I use Ai2Offline. Today I have once again retained my project, and it does not open anymore. There are no mistakes, there is simply no reaction to a click by the name of the project. The export of this project also does not work. What should I do now, please tell me. I created this project for about two years: (((((((((((((((((((

Ai2Offline has nothing to do with us Влад Киселев, it's a third party product.

You can put your question to the Developer here:

Have you tried to load your Project into App Inventor?

It may be the case that your Project is too big, perhaps you have assets like images that are too big. See my Website:

Please ask on the AI2Offline community. We cannot directly provide support for AI2Offline.

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It's a pity. I will not upload my project in App Inventor since I cannot export it.

You have not saved backups to your PC? Owch.

Unfortunately no. There are several copies but they are very old, after them a lot of work has been done.

Perhaps the developer can help you but if you had the same problem on App Inventor we could only help you if you had a backup.